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Review Testing Expo 2013


Testing Expo 2013

Dürr Assembly Products presented a review of the development of non-contact measuring technology on the Testing Expo 2013:

20 years ago Dürr Assembly Products set a technological milestone for the wheel alignment of vehicles with the introduction of non-contact laser measuring technology.

The geometry of a chassis is determined by a multiplicity of different parameters like individual toe angle, total toe angle, camber angle, castor angle and vehicle height. In order to guarantee the horizontal steering wheel position when driving straight ahead, for example, the wheel geometry has to be measured and adjusted accurately in the range of angular minutes.

Technical highlights of the Dürr - wheel alignment stand x-wheel are above others:

  • the patented wheel support positioning system
  • the steering wheel balance x-tronic balancer for the exact acquisiton of the steering wheel angle as well as
  • the innovative measuring system x-3Dprofile on the basis of stereo-photogrammetry

The figures speak for themselves:

Since 1993 Dürr Assembly Products delivered more than 500 wheel alignment stands with non-contact laser measuring technology worldwide to well known car and truck manufacturers.

In addition to the wheel alignment our company presented targets to adjust driver assistance systems. The Formula Student Vehicle,  provided to us by the University of Applied Sciences of Saarland, stood in the focus of the targets.

A furhter highlight at our booth was the Dürr Machine-Status-App. With this App, which is provided for all current operating systems, it is possible to control the status of Dürr systems and, if necessary, follow-up possible problem reports immediately.

When presenting the new App there was also a raffle of two iPhones among the visitors of our booth. We congratulate the lucky winners, from VW and Opel!

The Testing Expo 2013 was a full success for our company:

During the fair there were more than 130 professional visitors of 20 OEMs at our booth to catch up on novelties and to speak about current or coming projects.

In the discussion with our customers and partners we learnt about the enormous confidence in the trend-setting technologies of Dürr Assembly Products.

The overwhelming feedback of our customers convinced us to present innovative technology on Testing Expo 2014 again.







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