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Innovations by Dürr Assembly Products at the Testing Expo 2015: more flexibility and precision

Puettlingen, July 15th, 2015 – „Ahead through innovation“ – With this motto Dürr Assembly Products presented itself from 16th until 18th June 2015 at the fair Testing Expo 2015 in Stuttgart. More than 50 representatives of 15 automotive manufacturers got informed about the innovations of several testing product lines. The new products ensure more flexibility as well as faster and precise processes.    

The product line “Passenger Vehicle Testing” presented a state-of-the-art toe setting tool. It enables a fully automatic setting of toe and camber in the wheel alignment stand in the assembly line or at the end of line. The key customer benefit: space and personnel requirements for the test stand as well as the cycle times can be reduced significantly. Moreover, errors which often occur in case of manual testing and inputs can be practically ruled out.

Furthermore, Dürr Assembly Products presented the new setting tool for headlamps and driver assistance systems “Smart Ergo Drive” of the product line “Passenger Vehicle Testing”. This ultra-light nutrunner has a push-down mechanism which enables an automatic start and a process-capable setting.

In the field „Commercial Vehicle Testing“  the interested customers saw targets for the setting of the adaptive cruise control ACC and the lane departure warning LDW. The targets form integral parts of the test stand for driver assistance systems in commercial vehicles.
A process-capable and precise setting of driver assistance systems guarantees the correct positioning of the sensors and thus, the safety on the road.

The product line “Assembly” showed the exhibit “x-gun”, an innovative bolting system which is able to carry up to four bolts of different sizes in the accompanying magazine. The bolts are taken from a bolt nest and held inside the magazine by means of a pneumatic gripper. The system is less complex and thus more cost-effective than competitor products. Nevertheless, it offers a considerably higher flexibility. Due to the fact that the magazine is able to take over all bolts at the same time cycle times are reduced.
The fourth product line, the “Service”, presented the new testing and calibration device “x-cal weight”. It is used to test and calibrate the weighing unit of the wheel alignment stand “x-wheel”, which is integrated in the floating plates, in regular intervals. The benefit for the customer:  calibration weights which are difficult to handle will be replaced. Check and calibration are performed much quicker compared to usual procedures.

Dürr Assembly Products will come back to the Testing Expo 2016 in Stuttgart with new ideas. Europe’s leading trade fair for testing and development procedures in the automotive industry will take place next year from May 31st until June 2nd.

Dürr Assembly Products GmbH is one of the worldwide leading suppliers of assembly units and test stands for end of line. The product portfolio covers essential production steps of a vehicle: in the field of assembly Dürr Assembly Products develops and supplies systems for rear axle adjustment, axle assembly and marriage. In the field of end of line testing equipment for the wheel alignment adjustment, headlamp setting and roll test stands for vehicles and trucks are manufactured. Another product field is the customer specific measurement technology for the testing of electricity and electronic components of vehicles. The company is globally positioned and has production sites and representations in more than 20 countries. Dürr Assembly Products is situated in Europe, the U.S.A. as well as in the emerging markets China, South America and India.

Founded in 1969 under the name FORI, Dürr Assembly Products GmbH in Püttlingen/Saar delivers worldwide all known car and vehicle manufacturers with systems and equipment for the most sophisticated assembly and testing procedures in the final assembly. Taken over by the company Schenck in 1993, Dürr Assembly Products GmbH is part of the globally operating Dürr AG in Stuttgart since 2000.







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